Dear Ms. Long, 

As a Co-Op member, I got your email about the dividends today, and I wanted to say: I understand. I hate to hear this, but I think that you guys have made a generous compromise. I'd like to say "Thank You" and like your email said, offer what we can do to help. Yes, yes, I know "keep shopping at REI". You've got it, but that feels like something I'm going to do anyway. What can we do to help, other that that. I know it might be corny and over-used, but what can we do to make REI the center of attention? Social Media comes to mind, how can we make you trend? I' love to have a profile ring for my social media profile picture that says something like "I'm an REI Co-op Member (top) Get outside! (bottom)" or "Member since xxxx" You could do different rings with different activities and colors for members to choose from. I'd wear that all the time on my picture. I can't live without REI. Also, is there a REI shop club? I know REI normally has stickers of states they are in, but you can't always get them. I live in Memphis, and had an REI Tennessee on my last car, but I can't get a new one now. It would be cool if you could buy a sticker with the state and then the city of that REI and you could collect them as you go and visit that store. An optional map to put them on would be cool, too. Maybe you only get the sticker after buying something at that location to make it exclusive. I love REI. Thanks for the update and let us know how to help. 

John Rose

Memphis, TN