I have never used my hydropack for my women's backpack and am afraid to force getting into it.  How do I open it.  I know it should not be difficult but I don't want to tear it by doing it wrong.




Thanks for reaching out, great question!

Your HydraPak Reservoir should have a gray plastic piece on the top that slides off. If I am recalling correctly, it only slides off in one direction (to the left if you're looking at the side with the coupling facing up). Once the gray plastic piece is off, your water bladder should open just like a ziploc bag. If you haven't used it before, the bladder may be tightly closed and you may need to put some effort into opening it.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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I had the same issue.  Thought I was going to tear it trying to open it.  It’s not obvious where it opens from.  I didn’t realize my thumb was actually holding down the opening.  I just happened to lift my thumb and then then it started to open.  Was like pulling on the specific book on a bookshelf to get the secret passageway to open.  REI, this top area just needs a blue stripe to show where it opens from.