Hello,  I am joining this conversation too.  I am very disappointed with REI's return shipping cost.  In all other ways, REI has been at the forefront of service.   So many companies offer free return labels to make it simple and no contact.  I am sitting on two pairs of shoes and refuse to pay $8.95 return shipping and now have to navigate going into a store when I do not wish to shop indoors.  I just recently returned a pair of shoes to Nordstrom and it was so effortless and I had the either option of free return mail label or curbside return.   The online service with instructions was amazing and fast.   Surely REI can figure this out and soon.  I no longer want to shop for shoes in the store.   I ordered two sizes and they still did not fit correctly.   And now I have to go into the store for the return which at the moment, I refuse to do.   With that being said, REI needs to step it up during this trying time.   I no longer want to shop for anything with the hassle of the return which used to be one of the best return policies.