Hey REI Employee(s), our product for seasoning cast iron is something quite a few campers like. I'd like to offer folks in the camping section some product if that's okay with you all. I read the terms and see this would not qualify as "fundraisers, surveys... sweepstakes, contests." Is it okay to start a new conversation offering our product to those in the REI Community that cook in cast iron?

Thank you for your time.


@palmer thanks for asking! First we want to verify that you aren't going to be selling the seasoning - instead giving it away, is that right? If that's correct, then yes, you can start a conversation where you offer the seasoning with the following 3 caveats:

  • Please include the best way for our users to connect with you (i.e. an email address they can use) without asking for them to provide any personal information here in our community
  • Please be clear in your post that you are not affiliated with REI
  • Please be very clear that you are not selling anything, as this is not permitted in our community

Again, really appreciate your checking in ahead of posting!

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