As a long time member of REI and as a volunteer at my local church food bank which serves the community in Portland, two gift cards were donated to us totally $150. In talking to the manager of REI in Portland, she told she could not exchange them for money, which is what I wanted to do because I feel I could buy food quite a bit of food at the Oregon Food Bank rather than buy a few pairs of gloves or one tent, all at discount prices. In other words, More Bang for my Buck . I asked the manager (Leann) for the phone number of corporate thinking I might get some help at a higher level, but the number she gave me only was for customer service.. So, I am appealing to the heart of REI to help us help the less fortunate in our community. I realize it is not your normal policy, but could you make an except. Please consider. Thank you.  Roger,  St. Rita's SVdP.