Hi @warto ! Thanks for reaching out. Let's see what we can do. Are you looking for a backpack for overnight backpacking? And it sounds like you want to have access to the main compartment by some means other than just the top. Many adult backpacking packs will have the ability to have a second compartment in the bottom that allows for accessing the main compartment through there as well.

Equally important is to get properly sized for your new pack. It can be easy to identify the right features you want in a pack, but we need to make sure the make/model fits you well. If you can, I would recommend getting fit by one of our experts either by walking in to a location, setting up an outfitting appointment, or checking out our online how-to for sizing and fitting a pack.

Whew, that's a lot of info! Let us know if this helps or how else we can help. See you out there!

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