@rsl Thanks for reaching out!

While the Oboz Bridger BDry and Oboz Juniper are great boots, it is very difficult for us to be able to make a determination of whether they will meet your needs here in the community. We recommend making a virtual outfitting appointment to talk with one of our boot fitting experts. They can talk through all your needs, look at your feet and old boots, and make some specific recommendations that will allow you to buy with confidence. Additionally, take a look at this Expert Advice article, How to Lace & Tie Hiking Boots, for some lacing techniques that may help give you some extra room in your boot where you need it and still keep your heel locked down as best you can. Pay particular attention to the 'window lacing' technique for the top of your foot and a 'surgeon's knot' to keep your heel down.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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