Due to covid I am not comfortable coming into store to try on all your women's hiking boots. I have worn through 2 pairs of  Merrell Granite midcalf hiking boots- they look just like the Moab sold now. They no longer keep my feet dry and are pretty worn out. I am 66 and walk 4 or 5 miles every morning up and down the streets in south Seattle, often in the rain. I want a boot or shoe that had good grip for wet steep pavement. My issues are that I have a high instep bone that pokes up and makes many shoes uncomfortable to lace tight over it but I have a narrow heel and it is easy for shoes to slip in the back. I am a regular 8. I am short and some mid calf go up to high. I always wear my Darned Tough midcalf height socks. I had a terrible case of achilles tendenitis for a year and am finally over it. My Merrell sneakers seemed to have triggered it. Any recommendations? I am looking at the red Oboz Bridger BDry and the ObozJuniper right now on line, as they are on sale. Maybe they are too tall? I would like the sole to be somewhat flexible so I can bend my feet going ups and down hills. Thanks.