You're welcome! Great questions:

  1. Yes, you are correct. The card is not 'available' because the item was purchased for you as a gift.
  2. Yes, this would qualify as 'the card is not available'.
  3. Typically the store will offer you cash, even in the amounts you are working with. If the amount for the PayPal transaction is over $500 you may be offered a check. You could speak with the customer service specialist about requesting a check in lieu of cash. If you're concerned about the amount, you can give the store a call and speak with a manager. Generally speaking, we do not have a limit on cash returns.
  4. You will need to have a proof of purchase for your return. That could be any of the following: register receipt, gift receipt, email receipt, order invoice, order pack slip, member purchase history. If the order was shipped directly to you from REI, then you should have received a proof of purchase in the package (invoice or packing slip). If it was purchased and shipped to you from your parents without a proof of purchase, you will need to connect with them to get one or the store could look up their purchase on their membership history (if they are members of our co-op). The link you provided looks like the instructions to send a gift receipt with an order, not the ability generate one after the order has been delivered.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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