Hi @HanaleiMoon,

I just wanted to let you know of two other tents that I would highly recommend in case the Quarter Dome 1 is no longer available. 

1) REI Co-op has their Half Dome tent series which is downright amazing. Their 1-person tent in this series is called the Half Dome 1 Plus Tent. Although I have never used the 1-person tent version of this series, I have a larger Half Dome tent and have found it to be durable, spacious, light, and overall a great backpacking tent. 

2) ALPS Mountaineering is a company that I would hands-down recommend for tents (and their other products). REI sells a couple of their tents, but does not sell my favorite tent, the Lynx 1-person tent. However, I would recommend any tent made by this company. I have used this tent for solo backpacking trips for over 4 years, and it has never failed me, even when I've been caught in a strong wind/rain storm, freezing temperatures, or blistering desert heat. It's also slightly cheaper than REI's Quarter Dome and Half Dome tents (the Lynx 1-person is only $120, but I have found this tent to be incredible despite its cheaper price.

Hope this helps!