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Thank you for adding your voices to this discussion. We understand your disappointment and frustration over Native's warranty policy and inability to procure replacement parts for your sunglasses. Rest assured we have heard you and passed your feedback along.

In order to provide clarity for others with similar questions, we are going to include useful information regarding Native sunglasses and some of the other brands currently carried by REI:

  • In March of 2020 Luxottica Brands purchased Native Eyewear.
  • Native Sunglasses now offers a limited lifetime warranty that is standard for all Luxottica brands. This warranty covers 'manufacturer's defect' for the lifetime of the product. It does not cover normal wear and tear. You can begin to submit a warranty claim here. If your sunglasses are not covered by the limited lifetime warranty, Luxotttica will let you know how much it will cost to replace them.
  • Native is no longer offering replacement parts for its sunglasses.
  • Sunglasses brands carried by REI at this time that are also owned by Luxottica are Oakley, Native, Ray-Ban, and Costa.
  • Most sunglasses brands carried by REI offer a similar limited warranty as Luxottica, that is, warranted against manufacturer's defect but not normal wear and tear or scratched lenses. If you would like to look at the warranty information for some of our other brands you can find them here for Tifosi Optics, Smith Optics, Maui Jim, Shwood Eyewear, Zeal Optics, Julbo Eyeweargoodr Sunglasses, and Suncloud Optics.
  • Of the brands carried by REI, Tifosi Optics, Maui Jim, goodr, Julbo and Suncloud all mention offering repair services for their sunglasses. Tifosi, Julbo, and Maui Jim specifically call out having replacement parts, even for some discontinued models, available for purchase.

Again, we thank you for bringing your concerns and frustrations about your sunglasses to us here in the community. We have passed along your feedback to our teams and to Native sunglasses as well. We hope that the information included here will help inform your next buying decision.

Thank you for being customers of REI and members of our community.

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