@hikermor Thanks for checking in with this question!

This is such a great backpack, we're always excited to receive recognition from our peers but even more so from our users in the field. If you want to send along a pic of your Traverse in action on one of your paleontological field trips we'll be happy to pass it along to the team who designed and built this pack, they'd love it!

In terms of the volume, we'll check in with our pack team to see what their thoughts are. In reading the full review by Outdoor Gear Lab it sounds like they have the volume of the main pocket at 39 liters and, by filling all of additional pockets, they were able to push that volume to 48 liters. As someone who owns this pack I also find that to be pretty generous, but as I was looking at the size of the pockets I thought that it may not be outside of the realm of possibility. We'll circle back with you here in the community when we hear back.


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