@Friday Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you have a bike with traditional "drop bars." Unlike most bikes with "flat bars", these handlebars are actually wrapped with a handlebar tape. If you are in search of a more comfortable ride or hand position, we have a few reccomendations for you. 

First, there are several choices for different handlebar tapes that would increase the diamater of the bar, change the shape slightly, or allow a bit of gel padding. Check out the options here and here. This is an informative video on how to wrap that new tape on your bars. 

Second, you could try adjusting the angle or position of your current bar. You would be amazed how rotating the bars slightly up or down can completely change your hands relationship with the bar and significantly increase comfort. 

Finally, if you want to try a new handlebar there is a great article on how to choose one here

Of course you can stop by your local REI and any of our Green Vests in the Cycling Department would be happy to help you explore your options. Hope this helps and have fun logging time on that new trainer! 

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