Add me as another long time Native Eyewear user that can't get the "lifetime warranty" honored by Luxotica since their merger.  I've purchased four pairs of Native Eyewear from REI since 2003.  Every single pair has been replaced or repaired by Native at least once under their warranty. 

Originally it was all done for free, then they got bought by Costa and moved from Hood River to Florida and started making you pay $35 "processing fee" on any warranty claim.  This wasn't as good a deal but since they always would just send you a new pair with case and microfiber cloth, it was acceptable.

Now that Luxotica bought Costa, it seems that they will not support the old warranty.  All claims appear to just be rejected unless you can provide a receipt within the last 12 months and they deny most everything as "normal wear and tear".

REI should stop selling this brand immediately.  It is no longer a quality or supported product.