I am looking at a used REI backpack, Traverse New Star backpack.  How do I tell the capacity of the backpack?  Is it listed on the backpack somewhere?  Thoughts?


@Paully2357 Thanks for reaching out!

The volume is not typically listed on a pack, unless it is included in the name (i.e. REI Co-op Traverse 60, meaning 60 liters of volume). Can you give a few more details on the pack? What color is it? The New Star pack from the mid 2000s was a black and khaki color and was 75 liters for the regular size and 84 liters for the large size. If it has the 'Traverse New Star' written encircling the REI Co-op Logo on the top of the pack (the pack is green or blue with black and gray highlights) that version is a bit older (Late 90s/early 00s) and does not have any volume listed in our records. Given that it was marketed as 'multi-day and extended trekking' it is likely a 70+ liter pack.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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You should bee able to get a fairly good idea of its capacity by measuring the various compartments.

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