I've always wanted to try a single wheel child bike trailer.  I found an afterburner locally and brought it home.

Always suspicious of my child bicycle ways, my wife found the recall notice at the cspc


It looks like you had a fix for this item,  how would I know if that fix has been applied to the afterburner I have.  What is the fix?

Thank you for your insight.



Hi Andrew,

There is a fix for the Afterburner units affected by this recall which can be performed in our stores. I would recommend having your Afterburner inspected by an REI Shop Technician before use. The inspection and necessary replacement of the parts affected by the recall will be free of charge even as a secondhand buyer, because your safety is our priority. If you are unable to visit one of our stores, please reach out to cyclinghelp@rei.com and we will work to find an alternative solution for you!

Happy Riding, 


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