Recently washed my Mountain Hardwear jacket and some of and/or all of the welded seams have come apart from jacket! Especially the armpit zips! How can I re-attach the welded seams back to jacket?


@RUNNINGLZRD Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry to hear you're having an issue with the welded seams on your jacket. Welded seams can be pretty tricky to repair, as they require heat to bond the fabric pieces. To clarify, your seams are welded, not glued? I once had a beloved Patagonia softshell jacket that was glued. When it had run its course the glue stopped holding and the jacket started falling apart. I was able to squeeze out another year or so of service by using flexible fabric glue, however, the process was arduous and sticky at best. Your best bet would be to work with a company like Rainy Pass Repair, an industry leader in outdoor gear and apparel repair. You can find their information on our Gear Repair Services Page

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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If you think that it is a material failure and the jacket is newish, I’d suggest submitting a warranty claim with MH here If it’s an older jacket it may be repairable with a flexible adhesive like aqua seal or SG-20. 

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Agree with @PatrickB .

if it was me, I’d get on the phone with MH, with some pictures.

but how old is the jacket?

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