Mold on raincoats

Our luggage got lost on the way home from a recent trip, leaving all of our wet raincoats, umbrellas and pack covers (it was raining on the way to the airport) wet in a bag for four days. Some have mold spots. What would you recommend for mold removal that won't harm the waterproofing?


@islandinthemist what a frustrating situation. To clean the raincoats, start with a wash that is designed to clean technical fabrics without harming the waterproofing. Then follow up with a retreating of the DWR (durable water repellency) - here are a few choices. The wash-in option is easier but can reduce the breathability of the jacket slightly; the spray-on takes a little more effort but only coats the outside and therefore does not affect the breathability of the jacket. Here's a helpful article on how to care for waterproof materials! Hope this helps!

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