I received my new tent yesterday, from an REI online order, and set it up in my backyard. The inside floor of the tent is extremely tacky/sticky. I can't move around inside without the floor sticky to me. I own three other tents and have never come across this before. Is this normal with your tents? Is there a solution to fix it?

Thanks for your help with this


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send it back.

good luck

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Thanks Philreedshikes.

Yeah, that was my thought as well. Sucks though because I'm headed out in 2 weeks for a section hike along the AT and not sure what I could get to replace it in short notice.


@Hogwld yikes, we're so sorry to hear the tent arrived with a tacky/sticky bottom - that's definitely not normal (and certainly not ideal). Because you have such a short turn-around time, we'd recommend connecting with our Customer Support team ASAP at 1-800-426-4840 so we can help problem solve a solution (return, refund, replacement)!

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