I understand we are still in the great national kayak shortage right now so there is low stock but what is not clear to me what brands REI is considered a carrier/dealer of. I am thinking by some time in the fall that situation might change and I like my local REI so my plan when I do purchase is to either get one at my local store or ask them to order in. So, that is my question: once the kayak manufacturers do have stock and are actually shipping what brands do you actually carry? In the past I have seen Old Town/Eddyline/Wilderness Systems on the website. Thanks.


Hi @PaulaTL  Great question! There's going to be 2 different answers for you, in which one I'll be able to answer. On rei.com and at REI stores you will see the inventory be very different. At some stores and rei.com there will be more brands and more styles to choose from but your local REI store may only carry a couple of brands/styles. I will list below the brands that REI carries as a whole and you can always connect with your local REI store to get exact brand/styles they offer or as you mentioned, you can have the store team help you order the right one for you! 


-Hobie Mirage


-Advanced Elements 


-Delta Kayaks


-Old Town

-Ocean Kayak


-Perception Kayaks 

-Wilderness Systems

***this list may change, depending on if these brands can meet the demand in the future. More may be added or a brand may be taken off the list. 

I hope we can get you out on the water sooner than later! 

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