@LeaBP Thanks for reaching out and we're sorry to see what happened to your tent!

In terms of your tent poles, we recommend reaching out to Tent Pole Technologies, who have all the specs for our poles and should be able to get you set up with what you need. You can check them out on our Gear Repair site.

As far as the tear in the mesh goes: we do sell a mesh patch repair kit, however, the tear in your tent might be too big. I've seen tears like yours before, also caused by an adventure pup using his paw to indicate his desire to go outside, fixed by using a sewing kit to sew the hole shut. It's not the prettiest fix (my friend used dental floss as we were in the field) but it got the job done. For a more professional option, you can check out Rainy Pass Repair on that same repair site mentioned before.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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