@AppBlanchianTrail Thanks for your patience as we put some thought into this answer!

At REI there are many ways you can find a fulfilling career helping people get outside! It can be challenging to provide specifics around which career path would be best for you, as there are many different options. If you are interested in beginning your career in retail (what I did!) then your best bet is to visit a store and speak with employees and a manager about your options. We are always on the lookout for folks who love the outdoors and are good at sharing that passion with others. Depending on your location and market there are lots of career options: retail management, Outdoor Programs and Outreach, outdoor instructors, shop technicians, full time sales, etc. 

If you're looking for a career at headquarters, that's where it helps to know where your interest and expertise lie. Do you have a background in marketing? Merchandising? I.T.? As was my case, having a solid base of experience in the retail stores (almost 14 years) allowed me to make the transition to our headquarters team because I had a clear goal based on a solid understanding of what role I wanted to play in the organization.

It sounds like you're pretty open minded about the contribution you'd like to make, which can also be advantageous! We recommend talking with a manager or employee the next time you're in one of our stores. They'd be happy to talk to you about careers with REI and perhaps ask you some questions to help guide your thinking.

Hopefully this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.