@craigobrad thanks for reaching out; unfortunately, we are currently out of stock in hard-sided bear canisters (no @Philreedshikes, we haven't stopped carrying them for good!). As people look for ways to get out of the house and go outside, we have seen historic spikes in customer demand in many categories for outdoor gear, including in our camp department. Our teams are working closely with our vendor partners to try increase inventory and move delivery dates up, however we are not able to provide specific dates on when we'll be back in stock.

In terms of rentals: they are now available at select locations, noting that hours/days and available categories may vary. We'd encourage you to contact your local store for their specific rental availability. You might also check with a ranger station near you (or near where you're headed) as they sometimes provide bear canisters.

We're really sorry for our inventory shortages; we recognize the frustration this causes and hope you'll check back with us.

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