I have purchased three pairs of Native Eyewear sunglasses from REI since 2017. Love them, but tried to order replacement parts and the company is non-responsive. An automated response sends me to a website called "luxotica," but they do not list Native Eyewear as one of their supported companies.

Very frustrating to have $100+ glasses that need parts (notepads, lens....)

Anyone else had this problem?

@RickGrahamLund Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry you're experiencing this issue trying to connect with Native Sunglasses to order replacement parts. We'll do some digging to see what we can find out for you. We'll circle back with you here in the community. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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Thank you for your patience as we tracked down some more information for you. Unfortunately, Native Eyewear does not offer replacement parts for purchase, so your only course of action would be to submit your sunglasses as a warranty claim and see what your options are via that process.

Part of the issue you are experiencing with their website is due to a transition with Native Eyewear's parent company to Luxottica via a merger that happened in March. You can follow this link to the Luxottica warranty, repairs, and replacement parts section. They do list Native as a brand there. If you click through it asks you to register/log in to continue the process. Additionally, you can call 1-888-77NATIVE to begin a warranty claim on your sunglasses. 

Hopefully this helps, thank you again for your patience!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

It's too bad you have to also create an account to look for replacement parts.  Once I created an account, Native Eyewear was not available.  I will not purchase Native again which is too bad because I also loved them.

I agree, I was a dedicated buyer of their shades, but now there is not support, and I cannot find the designs I was buying either. I had two pairs that were broken, when they were independent they would repair for a small fee or update to the latest one.

I completely agree with the original post! Trying to contact Native Eyeywear, get replacement lenses or other parts is totally useless. The link supplied by REI-JohnJ simply leads to an endless run of other websites, none of which provide anything like real customer support. I'm actually a little surprised REI continues to sell this brand considering the lack of support either they, or Native will provide. 

@jhud @PapaTodd @RickGrahamLund 

We apologize that you are experiencing this issue attempting to reach out to Native. We have shared your feedback with our product teams so they are aware.

Thank you for letting us know about your experience.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

The previous posters are correct.  Native Eyewear sends you to the Luxottica website where you register and select "Order Replacement Parts" only to discover that Native Eyewear is NOT listed as one of the brand choices.

A couple of years ago Native had real people you could talk to and they would send replacement parts.  No more.  I suggest REI drop them as a brand they sell.  It will only aggravate REI members.

I have been dealing with the same issue. All I wanted was some new lenses, but instead it looks like I will be returning my pair of sunglasses to REI. I also love the glasses and would much prefer to pay for the replacement parts, but the circles I have went around have resulted only in a waste of my time. 

Same problem here.  I bought the native vigor sunglasses.  Loved them.  Temple piece broke - no way to replace.  It’s a 10c piece of plastic and I’ll need to buy a new pair.  
very disappointed.