Hi @KingZee .  I'm not an REI employee, but I frequently check my local store inventory before driving over there.  There are 2 ways of doing this that I am aware of.  

First, if you are searching for a variety of products, say, Tents.  You can use the drop down menu (Camp/Hike), then from the drop-down select "Tents", or, type Tents into the search bar.  At that point, a selection of tents will display and at the top of the left column, your first filter selection is "Find In Store", and you can change your store of choice. Select that filter and only tents in that store inventory will display.

The second method is that once you have chosen a specific product, on the right side, just below the main product photo, there are 2 radio buttons; Ship to address and Pick up at store.  Select the Pick up at store, then click Find a store near you, enter your zip code, and Voila! Currently, the items in-stock display "Buy online and pick up in store", with the disclaimer it may take 2 days to process the order.  If not in stock, it will display "Buy online and we'll ship it to the store".

And, if all else fails, you can always call on the phone to double check.

Hope you find the gear you're looking for! 

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