We have had a membership since 1995, and I I've made the majority of purchases with it. It only has my husband's name on it though, so, am I not a member? Obviously we share everything as far as coupons and dividends, but do we actually share this membership or am I not actually a member? Can we change the name on our membership to reflect my greater usage and involvement as a member with the Co-Op? Thanks!


@WoodZ Thanks for reaching out!

While we allow family members to put their purchases on a membership, the actual membership belongs to the original member who purchased it. As membership with REI is for life, the name cannot be changed nor can the membership be transferred to another person. Technically speaking, you are not a member, as a membership can only belong to one person. Although a membership is assigned to one individual, it can be used by others. You are welcome to continue to use your husband's membership if you would like, or for a one time fee of $20, you can join and have your own membership!

Hopefully this helps answer your question!

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