Hi guys!  I have a very simple question, and I tried really hard to find an answer before I subjected you guys to this.  I searched this forum for an answer, and was unsuccessful.  I tried Keen's "Live Chat", but the "Chat" function is not enabled, and it only allowed an email, not a chat.  My email response said to expect an answer within 14 days, but if it was urgent, I could call, which I did. After sitting on hold for a full half-hour (not exaggerating.  Using my work Skype which displays a timer on every call), listening to garbled "muzak", I received the message that they had too many calls and mine would be dropped, but I could try later.

Sooo...on to my question: I am contemplating the purchase of Keen Newport H2 water shoes from the REI Used site.  How does the Newport H2 compare in sizing to the Targhee Vent?  I have a pair of Targhee Vents already and this will help me to order the correct size of Newports.

Thanks as always!


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