Hey there @Tonydavid!

Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry you're having issues with your sleeping pad, I know from experience that can be frustrating. I've resigned myself to always carrying a patch kit with me because I almost always have my dog with me and she inevitably finds a way onto the pad and it's only a matter of time before I hear that tell-tale hiss :).

I have used the REI Patch Kit with success on several sleeping pads that are still going strong! I will say that it depends on the nature of the hole: if it is small a dab of glue will do the trick, if it is larger you will need to use the patch. I also make sure to check the glue to make sure it is still tacky before each trip. If it has dried out I pick up a new one and add it to the patch kit. 

Thank you for seeking out a repair solution and helping to keep your gear out of the landfill. I wish you best of luck returning your pad into service and many more miles on the trail. I hope this helps, thanks!



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