I have several questions because I have a foot that is hard to fit comfortably:

-several years ago I bought a pair of Chaco Sandals in Houston. the box is labeled as "Mega Z Classic" on the website I find a Mega Z but it is not labeled as "classic". (the code on my box is J105751 if it helps) Are these the same model?

-prior (12-15 years ago) to the sandals discussed above I had bought some Chaco's in Atlanta. when I bought them I was told they could be resoled. However when I tried to have them resoled no shop in Baton Rouge said they could do it and when I contacted Chaco they said they could not be resoled.

the website says the meg z can be resoled. Do you know a location/shop that has resoled pairs? In the baton rouge area would be great, but I'm willing to mail them in necessary.