I have several questions because I have a foot that is hard to fit comfortably:

-several years ago I bought a pair of Chaco Sandals in Houston. the box is labeled as "Mega Z Classic" on the website I find a Mega Z but it is not labeled as "classic". (the code on my box is J105751 if it helps) Are these the same model?

-prior (12-15 years ago) to the sandals discussed above I had bought some Chaco's in Atlanta. when I bought them I was told they could be resoled. However when I tried to have them resoled no shop in Baton Rouge said they could do it and when I contacted Chaco they said they could not be resoled.

the website says the meg z can be resoled. Do you know a location/shop that has resoled pairs? In the baton rouge area would be great, but I'm willing to mail them in necessary.





@Mike-R Thanks for reaching out!

If your Chaco Sandals have a sole made with Vibram, you may be able to find a shoe repair shop in your area that can resole Vibram soles. You'll want to reach out to them to find out if they can do that kind of work. You can tell your Chacos have a Vibram sole by the yellow 'Vibram' symbol on the bottom of the sandal.

Otherwise, your best bet would be to go through Chaco itself to have your sandals resoled. You can find all their information about that process, including a phone number to call and chat with them, on their Chaco Sandal Resole site

Hopefully this helps!

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