Show some courage REI.

Free speech is not free speech if you only allow speech you agree with.

Who is going to decide what is acceptable and what is not?

The hate speech you want to ban today maybe your speech tomorrow.

The next step is for REI to force a user agreement like big tech on all it's members.   I have never seen an REI in a black community.  Look at yourselves first and then lecture the rest of us.


How many REI stores are located in black communities?

I just saw on MSNBC that REI is no longer advertising on FB until FB changes its policy about hate speech.  Thank you REI!!  I am proud to be a member!


Looks like NAACP is now the Judge & Jury over the People & Corporations.

Looks like the Liberal Union Educators who ban Free Speech at Universities is now moving to Social Media platforms too.

Looks like Communism is closer than most people know.

I will never Buy REI again, not because I support "hate speech" it;s wh does the defining of it.