Hi @Zelda .  I'm not an employee of REI, but I am a member of the Co-op, and have been for several years.  I mean no disrespect, but am genuinely curious as to what you find disappointing about this particular scene? Throughout every paper sale flyer, every article in the online Co-op Journal,  every issue of Uncommon Path, every landing page of the website, REI has represented nearly every category of people that I can think of.  People of every gender, race, ethnicity, age, fitness level, etc. They are probably one of the most realistic and even-handed companies that I have ever come across in their inclusiveness.  But they can't put every walk of life into every single image. 

I certainly don't feel disappointed when they depict 20-somethings and not 50-somethings like myself.  I have no disappointment when a group of women are depicted in an outdoor activity, and not men.  The world is full of a variety of combinations of people; men, women, LGBTQ, black, brown, white, tall, short, thin, overweight...and IMHO, REI represents us all as equally as is possible.

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