Hi @Rob6!

Yeah, when I walked into our local bike shop a few weeks back I found it empty and overbooked. I totally understand that.

I just figured they're delivering bikes to homes in boxes we have to assemble, so couldn't I just pick up the unassembled bike at the store? I'd actually be helping open a slot & saving someone else a week's wait.

But I think I get what's going on... they HAVE to assemble the bikes to be able to back up their warranties. In fact, I bet the home-delivered bikes are actually partially assembled at an REI warehouse and then shipped. (Hence why the direct ship bikes are est at 3-week wait vs the store delivered ones at 1-week.)

Well - it isn't end of the world. (I think...) And, thinking about that old adage about never buying a car assembled on a Friday... Well, I'd rather a local bike lover assemble the bike than some poor guy attempting to get a 50 done each day in a hot warehouse.