Aww Nuts.

Since I'm tired and feeling silly, I'll answer your straight-forward question with an unnecessary backstory...

Late last year I'd bought a pair of nice, older, healthily depreciated bikes off Craigslist. The one for our middle child was an old Trek mountain bike. It needed some serious maintenance that I shrugged off until too far into the pandemic. I attempted to take all of our bikes to a local bike shop, but found a 3-month backlog on just shop work!

So, being a diy-er of zero acclaim, I ordered a bike repair stand, some tools, and cleared space in the basement.  Her bike wasn't horrible-horrible, but we had fun removing the chain, scrubbing it down, tuning her brakes, and aligning her derailleurs. I was **bleep** proud of the work. Then, 2 days later she's riding back n forth to our local grade school... and on the 2nd trip of the day, she returns home to get some water, goes back outside, and discovers the bike is gone. It wasn't even out front. They flat out walked past our cars, to the far side of our deep driveway, and snagged her bike (that *should* have been in the chain we keep out there). 

"Ugh... all that work... and it'll probably be dropped in a quarry."

Well, once we adjusted to the new reality, I went back to Craigslist and got lucky finding another decent, single-owner, inexpensive Mountain bike (a Schwinn from '11). We haven't done too much with it, but I took her out to a local forested trail riding spot and let her loose solo. (I'd just discovered my '99 Trek 820 has a blown rear hub and I'm a horrible runner.)  Well, hiccups aside, she loves it, and her enthusiasm at watching a video of the Leadville 100 MTB race reignited my desire enough to get my own bike fixed up... but what excited bike owner can bear just replacing the one broken part? "Man, I should really convert to disk brakes..." "Ugh - I'm not sure I can survive without a front suspension..."

lol... after adding all that up to upgrade a 21-year-old, $600 bike... yeah - it wasn't too hard to rationalize the new bike purchase. And now *I'm* ITCHING to get out there, start training for the 2024 Leadville 100, and drop this **bleep** shelter in place weight! It was bad enough I'd waited so long.. then had to wait a week for delivery... and then maybe another week?

Thanks for the answer. That's absolutely fine. I'm healthy, Covid hasn't found me yet, and there are folks really hurting out there. My entitled self is capable of waiting... it's just, I kinda feel like that line Harry told Sally... "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life [doing something awesome], you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

Oh... so, I ordered a DRT 1.2. 🙂