Freedoms are precious and should be used RESPONSIBLY! Many Americans, including my family, have died to protect these freedoms. Rather than an unelected dictator telling you how it will be, we have the ability to (vote and to) voice our opinions on various platforms including Facebook. Remember that Facebook is immune from liability from what they print. Television, Newspapers, and other periodicals would end up in jail for the junk posted on Facebook. Facebook is no more than a profit earning corporation. REI is a profit driven corporation but has "guiding principles".

Just because you are free to hate, intimidate, use vulgar language, or deny equal rights to another American doesn't make it right. When one American suffers, we all suffer. I'm glad that my purchases aren't supporting a platform that allows hate speech. 

What is truly sad, is that there are Americans who would choose to put that horrid language out and frankly even feel that way. Try love instead of hate. 

It goes back to the "Golden Rule"..."Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"! How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of the horrible treatment that generations of our fellow Americans have suffered? How would you feel if you had no choice but to rely on the charity of others? If you never think about that...and  you shop at REI...and you regularly enjoy the outdoors, you are doing far better than many of your fellow citizens. An African American ran into problems recently for doing nothing more than bird watching because his skin is brown.

Take a minute to imagine that no matter how hard your work, you will never escape poverty. No matter how much you learn, opportunity will never appear because of your name. If you actually think about hiking in "their boots" for a's TERRIFYING. 

I don't want to anger any of you. You simply need to take a moment, breathe...and imagine if the boot was on the other foot. How would you feel? Would you not feel angry if for generations your family had been thrown the "table scraps" and denied opportunity no matter how hard you worked?

If REI believes that racism, **bleep**, hate, bullying, and vulgarness isn't a platform that they will choose to support with the profits of my purchases...I'm a lifetime supporter. 

Facebook and REI are both corporations. After the Supreme Court 'Citizens United' judgement we now live in a world where corporations are "people". Given that court judgement, and if forced to choose between the two, I choose REI and their standpoint.

Thank you REI for being on the right side of history!