Hi John. Isn't REI "boycotting" Facebook? I'm fairly certain that I read about your company joining Patagonia and The North Face in your boycott of Facebook. Your company seems to have a pattern of supporting liberal causes and now you've taken the unfortunate position of joining the "cancel" culture that is currently plaguing our nation. I strongly oppose boycotts for any reason and I would venture a guess that REI would not welcome a boycott of their company either. I noted with amusement that you took the time to reply to @Corremama's post but not to @FormerHappyCustomer's post. It seems that having an opinion that runs counter to yours doesn't deserve an answer. I'm extremely disappointed that REI seems so reactionary and is so predictably bowing to the leftists bent on destroying our cities and wreaking havoc on small businesses. It would be refreshing for a change to have a company take a leadership role and actually stand up to these anarchists instead of relenting to the pressure from the small but loud "politically correct" crowd.