I agree that all lives matter and we should all be color blind. However, after a couple of hundred years of social and economic repression more needs to be done than saying we should all be equal. After a couple of by hundred years of a head start for "white" people building wealth and benefiting from prioritized health and education affirmative action must be taken. Reparations must be made as well as ending racism. The crisis right now is with our black community. That's why black lives matter as the pressing and urgent priority right now. Tomorrow, the crisis may be another religious, ethnic or social group. Today it is black people in our communities. Some need a helping hand because of the impacts of racism. Some just need us to get out of the way and let them take deserved opportunities. They all need our active support....as in "taking individual action". I commend REI for their action.

I also appreciate you " former happy customer" for sharing openly your point of view and for your passion to speak out. I recognize the sense of fairness and desire for an equal and just society that you expressed in your post. I believe we seek the same destination, just have different ideas on how to get there. I look forward to seeing you on the trail 🙂