You do realize that the country is very divided on this topic.  Virtually no one supports racism.  Virtually everyone thinks that George Floyd shouldn't have been killed and excessive force was used.  However, there is nothing to suggest the George Floyd incident was racially based.  Many are against Black Lives Matters and view them as a bullying and racially dividing organization.  Many people believe that what is going on in this country is insane.  Companies are pandering to the demands of the racist Black Lives Matters organization who are seeking to divide the racists and seeking preferential treatment for blacks.  This country is NOT racist, and many are offended by the suggestion that it is.  There are some racist whites and some racist blacks, but the majority of people are NOT racist and society looks down on racist.  REI's actions are going to alienate many of your customers.  One of my friends said they were boycotting REI so I checked the internet to figure out why.  The first thing I saw was support for Black Lives Matters.  You guys can do better.  Equality DOES NOT mean giving blacks preferential treatment.  As far as I can tell REI wasn't doing anything wrong before.  You don't need to change anything.  It seems like you might start doing racist things like going out of your way to donate money to black causes and going out of your way to hire black people.  Donate to those who help EVERYONE.  Hire the best person no matter what color they are.  Be colorblind.  That is the ONLY way we will ever completely eradicate racism.  View everyone as an individual.  Not a black person or white person.  REI, you can do better.  I am disappointed in what I am seeing.