I see you are doing curbside pickups at your store. Can we pick up rental equipment at the stores now? Namely, climbing gear to summit Hood. 
thank you


@Brpportland Thanks for reaching out!

When are you looking to climb Mt. Hood? It's a real adventure up there, I climbed it several years ago on a bluebird day and by the time we summited the weather had gone from beautiful to miserable (wind and clouds and minimal visibility) and back to beautiful again. When are you planning your climb?

At this time we are not offering rental service at our stores. Because everything is still quite variable and last-minute changes can be very frustrating, your most up-to-date information on current services will be on the REI store pages.

Hope this helps!

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@REI-JohnJ This will be my 12 attempt and I’ve submitted 9 of those times.  I’ve got gear but my two teenage boys do not. My youngest did summit last year with me and my oldest wants to try. No worries, I’ll see if I can find another spot to rent or borrow some from friends. Thanks for the info.