I bought a thunder blue regular fit REI co-op Sarahara Shirt. Planning to do some light hiking in the White Mountain area of New Hampshire this month and Banf, Canada in September.. I bought a size M and it fits comfortably with only a bra. My questions are:

Is this a layering piece? If so under or over?

I tried a short sleeve wicking t under and it felt too hot and constricting.

Should I think about going to size Large to wear it more roomy?


Hi @murphtc I think that the fit of the shirt is a little bit of personal preference; however it is designed to be worn as your first layer, then you could add on top of it.  If being worn as a second layer most people wear it unbuttoned.  If you still decide you want to go up in size I suspect that it will still look just fine.  Your trips sound awesome, have a great time!

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Thank you LeslieN, Your advice is very helpful.