lol - you made me chuckle hikermor: telling me I "must" do something one way and saying I still have choices. 100K is not trivial - not at all. I never said it was. I asked for some facts, figures and perspective. Like this quote from the CDC: " 

Cigarette smoking causes about one of every five deaths in the United States each year. Cigarette smoking is estimated to cause the following:

  • More than 480,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke)"

I don't need help ordering on-line. I need help not having to pay to return the 8 pairs of boots I ordered searching for a pair that fit right. I'm trying to stay a loyal REI customer, but it's getting really hard. And neither of us needs help buying cigarettes - because they are everywhere. Why has the economy not been shut down for those half million people every year? Were their lives trivial? I'm asking for perspective and common sense. I'm not arguing about the lock downs. Good idea - but simply no longer necessary in areas; they are done. If you choose to live in a ridiculously densely populated area like NYC, then face those consequences. That's your choice.  I'm saying let's all open our eyes to the science and facts, and get on with our lives. Perspective.