I just read Eric Artz' post regarding the current status of the company, the care and welfare of the employees, and the sacrifice that he and the board members are taking during these days under the umbrella of the Corona-virus.  I, being of Irish descent, don't typically reveal my emotions to a wide group of unknown folks like yourself that may be reading this; I prefer to keep it bottled up and let it burst out at a more private moment.  But I was quite moved and inspired by what Mr. Artz wrote and it got to me thinking:  I'd be the first one to directly grant 50% of my dividends, in cash or similar currency, to those employees that have been affected by the temporary layoff.  If Mr. Artz and his staff can figure out how to arrange this, then I, and many of us of like-minded compassion, would look forward to help those who help us during our needs of their assistance, expertise and genuine desire to help us gain a grand experience we all call the great outdoors.  I hope that the next email that Mr. Artz puts forth instructs us how to do this, and then I hope you will all join me in helping those who have helped us over the years and decades. We are all in this together, some more than others.


Peter Fitzpatrick