@tmurphy funny timing, we just answered a very similar question on heel blisters with a pair of Oboz boots for another one of our community members - you can see that response here!

In terms of an exchange: if none of the suggestions we mention in the other post help with the heel blistering, and your purchase falls within our 1 year return policy, then yes, your wife would be able to exchange for a different pair of shoes/boots. While our stores remain closed, the easiest way to exchange will be to wait until our stores reopen and are accepting returns. If that option does not work, you can mail the boots back to us through the mail and purchase a different pair of boots online, noting that our timeline for processing mailed-in returns is longer than normal due to a much higher-than-normal volume.

We hope this information helps - don't hesitate to reach out with additional questions, if you have any!

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