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I recently purchased a used REI 3+ quarterdome tent (I think a 2012 model) through a friend's friend. The seller mentioned the tent seams along the floor and corners (it's a bathtub design) likely needed waterproofing. Upon setting up the tent, I noticed a clear, tape-like material along the seams (especially on the inside of the the corners) peeling off. The material is a bit sticky and tears into small pieces, which makes it exceedingly difficult to remove given the fabric of the tent -especially on the inside of the fly- is already slightly sticky (assuming this was the style of waterproofing treatment back when this tent was manufactured).

My question is: What solution is there for me to treat the seams and remove the residues from what I believe is the previous waterproofing tape? The material is flaking off badly and I'm worried that every time I use the tent, my gear will get bits of it stuck everywhere (this happened to my clothing in the ~30 minutes I spent trying to clean it off.