Hi, Please explain what the various tent weights refer to or include.  What does the minimum trail weight refer to?  What does the fly/foot print weight refer to?  What does the package weight refer to? Thank you, Mike221


Hey there @Mike221 !

Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your questions.  

Typically the minimum trail weight for a tent includes only the essentials of the tent.  Think tent body, fly, and poles.  While the packaged weight refers to the tent off the shelf with everything that comes included, including the weight of the actual packaging (like your tent and/or stake bags). 

While the fly is regularly included in the tent, the footprint is typically sold separately.  The footprint/groundcloth accompanied with the fly can be used as a shelter.  As a result, their combined weight is sometimes helpful for backpackers concerned with weight.

Hope this helps!

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