(I chose the Backpacking title as it was the closest one to what I want to discuss.)

I have these suggestions for REI, both short and long term topics:

1. Short-term

Please reopen your stores!  You could do so with a small staff at first, appointments only if needed.   I would assume that, because of the activity level of most customers, they would generally be in good health and not be at risk to getting sick with the current virus.  Reason: There are some things that cannot be properly purchased without trying them on.  I am facing two such (important) purchases: new backpack and hiking shoes.  Because of the cost of these items, I do not want to order them online, try them on (making a judgement call without expert advice), and return via the mail if they don't fit or work.  The same goes for hiking shoes or boots.

2. Long-term

I am a long-time member and fan of REI-brand products.  They are of high quality at a reasonable price.  One of my possible choices for backpacks is the REI Traverse 70.  HOWEVER, I do not want to purchase this product due to the color choices offered.  In previous years, a nice green color was offered, but the two now offered for men are not acceptable for a 67-year old hiker (smile).  I am disappointed it was not offered in at least a black color (which is almost a standard color option for most items.)  Ironically, the colors offered for women include a very nice green and blue, both of which I'd consider (if they were men's sizes).

Related to backpacks, I suggest you offer a men's REI backpack of the size 65 L.  This would give a customer an option to other brands of that size.  For some reason, you offer a 65 L for women, but not for men.

Thank you for your excellent products and even better employees who offer and give wonderful customer service.