In light of this discussion, it is worthwhile to recall that REI was started to import needed equipment from abroad that was not made in the USA - ice axes, for instance (REI folks, please correct or add to this ifI  am mistaken).

Even today, many foreign products are better buys than domestic - "Made in the USA" is not a guarantee of quality.  I have owned several vehicles over the years.  The best - a tie between a 1962 VW Beetle and a 1982 Toyota.  The worst - a 1967 Ford 150 pickup that was total garbage.  It came from the factory with a cracked engine block and that was just the beginning of a long list of troubles.  Ford pickups today seem to be much better, thank heaven.

Samsung produced my current smartphone, as well as my refrigerator, replacing a LG unsatisfactory model (LG is a foreign company and the initials stand for "lousy guarantee" as far as I can tell."  You have to search and evaluate carefully in order to get the good stuff.

I served in the military in South Korea in 1961 (no heel spurs or other 4F qualifiers) and Korea was definitely a third world country, making amazing progress since then, to the mutual benefit of the entire free world, creating far more winners than losers.

So, REI, please provide us with good stuff, wherever it comes from.  A good amount will come from right here at home.  

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