I want to buy a spring wetsuit.  Because of my body shape, long torso short thick legs.  Size L is too small and XL is too big.

I have been in communication with O'Neil the manufacturer.  They suggested a size XLS.  Unfortunately, you only carry size M  L XL XXL.  Can you order a suit size XLS for me to try, so I can use my dividend for the purchase.





I don't dive much anymore, and last the few places I snorkeled was warm, but having a back zip on my shorty is a pain in the you-know-what. I will definitely try a front zip when I need an upgrade.

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@togger45 thanks for reaching out! We do have an in-store process called a special order, where our store teams are able to order an item directly from a vendor that isn't in our inventory. Unfortunately, in checking our special order tool, O'Neil is not a vendor with whom we can place a special order, so it appears you will have to order the XLS directly from O'Neil. We're sorry we can't order that for you and hope you'll find something else for your dividend!

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