I have been a member since 1971. My last purchase was 2014. I am not a fine print type of guy, so i "apparently" missed this. My upcoming purchase of a bike for 499.00 will not be able to yield me my 10% dividend because i have not bought something each year. Is this correct? If so, it seems wrong. 


On SS, 10% is a lot of money. If its a rule and its on me for not being aware, so be it.




@terryjohn Thanks for reaching out!

Good news: your bike purchase will be eligible for a dividend! Being an 'active' member, which requires a minimum net purchase of $10 per year, only affects whether the dividend notice is mailed to a member, not whether they earn a dividend. If you'd like to read more about it, you can find more information on our membership FAQ page.

Hope this helps, thanks for being a member!

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Thank You John J

That is good news. as much for the $$$ as it didn't seem like an REI way to do business.