I was thinking about ordering a Tern Vektron S10 folding electric bike just before the store closures.  Then, you closed and the Tern was removed from availability for home delivery.  I was told it was because of "liability" issues regarding assembly.  Now I see they are available again.


1. If you assemble and test pre-shipping (in the distribution centers during the store closures), why was there a liability issue?  And what happened to overcome this issue such that they are now available again?  And, naturally, I assume assebly and testing includes the Tern Vektron S10 bike.

2. Tern offers an extended 10 year warranty IF the vendor pre-assembles and tests for the customer.  I assume they need proof of this.  Will I receive a document that supports this which Tern will accept?

3. Based on other customer comments, should I assume that the "estimated delivery date" that is included with the order confirmation is NOT necessarily valid for my bike order?  And that I will not really know what the date will be until I hear from you?

Thank you!